Tom & Ale

17th August 2024
Cartagena, Colombia
Cartagena, Colombia
Alejandro Vieda
Mireya Puentes
Michael Boydell
Sarah Boydell
Alejandra Maria Vieda Puentes
Thomas Edward Boydell
El Baluarte Santiago Apóstol
Saturday August 17 | 5:00 PM
Hotel Charleston Santa Teresa
Cartagena, Colombia

Over the wedding weekend we have organised a few additional events to which you are invited, but we appreciate you may wish to do your own thing!

The wedding weekend
Friday 16th August
La Serenata
"The Serenade" please join us to see the sunset at 4pm on the rooftop of Bondo Hotel with live music, drinks and evening meal.
Dress Code: White boho outfit
Saturday 17th August
Wedding Day
Please arrive from 4.30pm at El Baluarte Santiago Apóstol, for a 5.00pm ceremony.
Sunday 18th August
Hangover Day
A day to recover. Have a well-earned lie in, and explore the beautiful city of Cartagena.
We will be on the Baluarte de San Francisco Javier from 7pm sipping cocktails
Monday 19th August
Island Trip
The boat will depart at 10am, and return around 6pm. The day can be as chill or as active as you like. Food and drink will be available, alongside water activities (so bring swimsuits and a towel and goggles to see some wildlife in the ocean).
The Wedding Day
4.30 PM
5.00 PM
Drinks & Canapes
6.00 PM
7.00 PM
Hora Loca
12.00 AM
2.00 AM
For ladies, formal evening wear (elegant long dresses).
For gents, black tie (no white jackets, please).
Local hire available from £38, here
(Mention our wedding when messaging)
We welcome children at the ceremony and reception, but we understand parents may enjoy their evening more child-free. Spanish and English speaking childcare will be provided within the hotel for the evening, with space for smaller ones to sleep.
The best gift of all is your attendance, and we truly appreciate the distances being travelled to make that happen. If you insist on giving us something we would welcome cash (lluvia de sobres), which will be put towards our honeymoon.
Hotel Information
Travel Information
The nearest airport is Cartagena Rafael Núñez Airport. Most flights to Cartagena will require a transfer in Bogota, unless flying from the USA.
Taxis in Cartagena are plentiful and affordable, but most will only take cash. You can book through the apps InDriver (cash only) and Uber (recommended).
Our Story
After 6 months as friends, 42 months as partners, 12 months apart, another 12 living together, and 14 months engaged, Ale and Tom, a couple of opposites who complement each other, will celebrate their love in a wedding that transcends the pandemic, distance, and adversities. With distinct personalities—Ale, forgetful and a diva; Tom, shy and chivalrous—they have forged a bond that has led them to be their best selves together. Despite cultural and linguistic challenges, the love they share invites them to commit for a lifetime. Welcome to their love story.